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Chassis Dyno


Take your vehicle from mild to wild with our state-of-the-art Dynocom chassis dynamometer. Our Dyno is a 15,000 series which is capable of supporting speeds of 240+ MPH and 2400+ HP.

Serious performance tuning or just basic diagnostics, our Chassis Dyno-trained technician can refine your vehicle while delivering improved power and your smoothest ride possible.

Our Chassis Dyno can handle front or rear wheel drive vehicles but not all-wheel drive vehicles.

Sessions are by appointment only.

Dynocom Chassis Dyno test
Dynocom Chassis Dyno test
Dynocom Chassis Dyno test


The 15,000 series is capable of supporting speeds of 240+ MPH and 2400+ HP. The maximum axle weight is 14,000 lbs and the track width range is 30″-102″. For high torque applications such as diesel testing or high horsepower drag cars, the DC-PAU-750 offers the world’s largest eddy brake capable of support over 3000 ft lbs of torque. Integrated safety stabilizer rollers come attached to the dyno providing extra precaution.

  • Torque: 15,000
  • Inertia: 1800
  • Maximum Horsepower: 2400hp+
  • Maximum Speed: 240+ MPH
  • Maximum Axel Width: 102″
  • Maximum Axel Weight: 14,000 lbs
  • Roll Diameter: 24 Inch
  • Air Requirements: 60 PSI
  • Power Requirements: 220/240 Volt 
Dynocom Chassis Dynomemeter


With each session you’ll receive real-time torque/horsepower output, at steady and changing speeds, to instantly evaluate changes you’ve made to the engine’s fuel or timing maps. Our Dynocom system comes standard with eight differential analog inputs for sensors. Differential inputs are more noise immune and offer accurate data faster. Dynocom’s sensitive sensors samples at over 100 samples/RPM, which provides you with the most detailed information possible.

  • Diagnose engine and drivetrain problems
  • Troubleshoot drivability issues
  • Run track ¼ mile or circle track lap simulations with reaction times
Dynocom Diagnistics
Dynocom Diagnistics
Dynocom Diagnistics